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About Sharp Systems

Sharp Systems has been lauched to better cope with the new challenging issues in modern applications. It groups a number of IT experts in the fields of: (1) complex databases, (2) advanced IT trends, (3) information management strategies, and (4) e-scinece. Our team challenges the immense impact of IT evolution by fusing existing solutions with the latest technologies without comprising quality. Sharp Systems aims at providing Selective IT solutions to a wide variety of applications with efficient means for their interconnection and interoperation, while preserving their heterogeneity, distribution, and full autonomy.
The specific team-work will mainly focus on the following:

  • Identification of the software/hardware requirements for different applications in the domain business, education, industry, etc.
  • Design and development of appropriate back-end databases and develops the most suitable architecture that best supports the requirements of the system to be build.
  • Design and development of sophisticated tools for the support of the different functionalities set by the specific application environment.
  • Application and extension of existing system components, data models, and tools.

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